Watch: A fun art teacher impresses students by drawing with both hands without lifting up

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That’s a talent I do not possess, but would love to have.


Get a couple of markers and a whiteboard, start practicing.

There’s two things going on here: training yourself to move both arms in mirror-sync, and drawing a face without lifting up the pens.

He’s drawing pretty large, with no fine motions in the hands that I can really see; if you are in possession of a normally-functioning body with the full complement of limbs you won’t be doing any super-weird coordination tricks involving the “off” hand. You just need enough coordination in it to hold the pen against the board without dropping it.

Some waving my arms around in sync and thinking about what’s going on suggests that while there’s a certain amount of difficulty added to the task of drawing a decent face by not lifting the pens, the task of keeping the motions synched feels easier.

I will admit that as someone who’s been a pro artist for a couple decades I may be downplaying the “draw a face” part of this but honestly if you give yourself leeway to make goofy cartoon faces this way you could probably get this to the level of “fun party trick” pretty quickly.


Just learn to draw half a face one-handed next to a strategically placed mirror.


One of his students, Brayden Hicks, who goes by hose_stretcher on TikTok

No double entendre from a teenage boy there. Nope. No siree.


I had heard of US President James Garfield’s supposed ability to write in Greek with one hand and Latin with the other, simultaneously. Perhaps it’s not true, but astonishing if it is. “Life Portrait of James Garfield”. C-SPAN. 26 July 1999. Retrieved 17 September 2016. …James Garfield could write Greek with one hand and Latin with the other at the same time. We know he was a wonderful scholar. Any truth to that long-held rumor? …I’ve heard the statement before about it. I believe it, but I’m not sure it’s true. Shortly after his death, Garfield – After Garfield’s death, one of his sons tried to track that legend down because he had heard it, but he had never seen it happen. He wrote to lots and lots of people, relatives, friends, family. None of them supported it. It’s true that Garfield was ambidextrous, but he just wasn’t that ambidextrous.


People are weird. Really really weird. That is all.


Somehow he looks like most of the male art teachers I have had.

If I tried that my legs would stop working and I’d fall over.


I have an acquaintance who sometimes draws with his right hand and paints washes with his left simultaneously, at life drawing sessions. He is surprisingly successful at the process.

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I went to college back in the days when professors usually wrote on blackboards with chalk (though some used projectors, and a few newer classrooms had whiteboards.)

One professor was left-handed, so when he was using the board he’d move left to right, erasing with his right hand and writing new stuff with his left.
(This was Richard Conway, co-author of the Conway&Gries book on programming with PL/C, the Cornell version of the PL/I IBM Checkout Compiler.)

A friends party trick is to mirror write with two hands from the middle to the outer, a standard to small size text with slight anomalies, from any random quote provided.

This seems to be be a different phenomena than that which can be achieved via practice like the coordination required for drumming.

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