Incredible artist simultaneously draws six portraits, upside down, with her hands and feet

Originally published at: Incredible artist simultaneously draws six portraits, upside down, with her hands and feet | Boing Boing

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My graphic arts artistic talent stops at stick figures, so I’m impressed by anyone who can draw a single portrait right side up. This is just incredible. We’ll done!


When finished, she challenged the children to a game of “one of these things is not like the other.”

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Mmmm I dont know if I buy the feet… not one smear dragging your foot through the paint/ink? And being time lapse easily someone could apply the paint and position the foot.

Not that people can’t paint with their feet, but doing so not looking at what you are painting? I dunno - this just feels like fake viral click bait…

If I am wrong about her talent, mea culpa. (Video below lends more credence so I guess change my opinion to plausible.)

I am assuming she is painting the top 4 with two hands, which is impressive.

She posted a longer version and in it you can see she does actually look at the bottom two paintings. The shorter timelapse edit makes it look like she works on four paintings simultaneously while in realty she keeps switching her focus between them.


The internet has me jaded and skeptical still. It’s full of amazing but manufactured/not real things.

In this larger version she does appear to be looking at her feet. So I guess I should change it to plausible.

Yah, I was imagining this is like playing the drums. With a little practice, you can “outsource” a particular beat to one leg or one hand and forget about it. You then focus on one or two other limbs for a complex section. When you’re learning the drums, it’s one of the most magical moments- when you realize you’ve kept a hi-hat or a kick drum going for a minute and haven’t even thought about it. Your leg or arm just did it for you.

For painting, I can imagine filling in larger areas or shading might be something you could outsource to a foot for a while, like the bass line on your kick drum. Then when detail is required on a foot painting, you focus on that while a hand is doing something repetitive.

That’s not to say that I think I could do this, but I can play drums (amateurishly), so I can at least see how this is probably doable.

It would be an amazingly shitty idea to piss off someone so bright. There is no way you would know how the paybacks would happen.


I wish my school had let my develop my natural ambidexterity, but they forced me to be a righty. I don’t think I ever tried drawing or writing with my feet though.



The most impressive part is at the end when she gets up out of her seat to reveal she was working on a seventh portrait with a paintbrush clasped between her buttocks.

I see that also. Looking at it paused then going frame by frame, it appears that her pen strokes are not occurring simultaneously – they couldn’t. Ex: A stroke with the left hand… then stops, a stroke with the left foot… then stops, etc. Even with that, her physical gift (ambidextrousness includes her feet) coupled with her upside-down drawing ability make her remarkable and possibly one-of-a-kind.

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