Gestural paintings from charcoal-coated body


Oh this is sort of like that scene in “The Big Lebowski” when The Dude goes to visit Maude Lebowski for the first time at her dark, brooding den of creativity and she is suspended from the ceiling and she is doing some bizarre performace art/flying painting thing that no one understands except for wealthy artists with trust funds and then later when The Dude goes to Maude’s apartment the weird nihilist guy is laughing in a shrill fashion but no one knows why and The Dude almost loses it.

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So artsy, darling…


Wouldn’t those be drawings, not paintings?

Well, it is, but she could have taken the Farah Fawcett route and done it naked…

It looks to me like she’s just holding charcoal and drawing with it, rather than actually coating any part of her body.


I felt as though it was more of a gimmick than the movements producing something visually stunning on the paper and the movements themselves weren’t enough on their own. But art in the eye of the beholder and all that.

I was just making light. Sometimes my sense of humour is so dry, it’s parched… :slight_smile:

I wondered about this in particular as it seemed to me that covering oneself in charcoal might introduce some health issues. But hey man, Art.

This is very reminiscent of another artist I remember seeing in recent years that did pretty much the exact same thing. Though I think perhaps he used ball point pens? I can’t find anything on him now though (of course) but I’ll keep looking.

Sorry :blush:

So lovely. This was almost like watching a dance. I wonder how much of the movement was choreographed, as opposed to the artist’s need to make choices according to what’s happening on the canvas.

Would love to see an artisan translate the images to blown glass, like weird lab vessels.

She draws with charcoal held in her hands, dancing with the repetitions; varied new movements / positionings to work into the full composition. Some smudging occurs, but no “charcoal-coated body”… this headline was written by viewing the video?!

Maybe starts out holding charcoal, but transitions to being covered in it…

Beautiful work and beautiful process.

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