Fine art finger painter Iris Scott talks about being "gifted"

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Why act like finger painting isn’t “real” painting? It’s just another tool, and the finest, most sensitive one available. Besides the tongue. Why doesn’t anybody pioneer tongue painting?


Darn, I was trying to find that clip from “Spaced” where Brian is painting with his penis, but my Google Fu is weak today.


For the same reason there aren’t restaurants serving paint? :wink:

ETA - and you’d need a VERY long tongue to be able to see what you were painting. With a tongue that long, other vocations may beckon.


Major props to Ms. Scott. Longstanding gripe that in the USA we praise people for their talents, or gifts, while discounting the amount of work that it takes to master something regardless of talent.

Other cultures place far more emphasis on the sweat that people put into acquiring skills, and it shows. Here, we look at someone who spends years practicing with a musical instrument and immediately swoon over how “gifted” she is. Herb Alpert had it right: “Every minute that you’re not practicing, someone else is.” Or, famously, Brian May.

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I mistakenly read the headline as “talks about being grifted.” I started reading the story and kept wondering when they would get to the part about her getting ripped off.


As a long-time artist, I would further refine Ms. Scott’s idea to 10,000 hours of dedicated observation and serious contemplation for visual artists in the field of realism. Sure, you have to practice how to work with any given materials, but as my teacher taught me, it’s more about how to properly see what’s in front of you and lose one’s adherence to symbolic drawing one learned as a child. If one can consider how one sees objects in space, a la Dr. Betty Edwards (Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain), the progression is much faster at the outset.


That reminds me, it’s the damn paintings that are the sticking point in one grifter’s story, isn’t it?


You make a very good point.

I wonder how many years of practice it took to learn how to put dead fish in plastic bags? See below:

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Not just yet, Gene is planning another album. Will be a while before they need a new frontman.

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A great technique that lends itself to Impressionism!

Mmm… mmm… cadmium yellow! Lead white! Tasty!

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