Gorgeous lip art elevates the lipstick game


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I imagine she must hook up to a feeding tube whenever she does this.


Good for about 20 minutes wear time.


“Is that lipstick on your collar?”

“Oh, uh, no, honey. I ran in an abstract expressionist painting that was drying.”

You mean a straw?


Lipstick leaves marks on straws.

My guess is, feeding tube, or she opens her mouth real wide and squeezes one of those foil food pouches into her mouth from above.


Or it’s meant to be ephemeral and she enjoys the process as much as the result.


Thank goodness that first one is a bee. At first glance it looked like a housefly.


Looking through her portfolio; I’d say that’s exactly the case.

Regardless to how long it lasts, she’s got mad artistic skills.


You can avoid messing lipstick up with a straw using a technique to avoid your colored lips touching the straw with your tongue, and the best foods are ones cut small with a knife and fed with a fork that you use your teeth to pull from the tines. When you are really good you can drink from a glass with lipstick using your tongue and hide the fact you did it.


How do you know all this?

That’s more or less how cats drink.


Mouth art.


A great deal of skill on show here. Disappointing, though, how the technical proficiency, the sharp lines, the bright colours of the lips and the plastic quality of the skin conspire to make it look like cheap shoop. Would that matter, though, since the really admirable thing is to get everyone enthusiastically sharing it?


That is some amazing brush control; especially as it is done back to front in a mirror and on a soft surface. And I though that nail art was amazing!


The Hokusai wave looks like it’s had a fair bit of post work done to. I can’t think of any way the black lines could be so sharp as the focal plane recedes.


I know women who eat and drink without ruining their makeup.


In other words, because YOU can’t do it, it must be shooped. Gotcha.


No, because it looks fake as shit


And your expertise in the matter comes from where…?


Oh, right. Whoosh! Sorry as you were. :blush:


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