Artist's nail art self-portraits include hair


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My first thought is how does one pick ones’ nose with such apparatus on the finger tips?


No… just… no…


Very carefully!


tickle, tickle!


What if her little selves had little hands, and on their tiny nails…


With the induced sneezing picking may not be required.

Check out lines would be faster with these.


10 points for artistic creativity; -10 points for practicality.



There are supermarket checkout ladies here that have super long nails and take their sweet time typing as not to break their alpha-keratin masterpieces. Having the flexible yet creepy hairy nail extensions instead would speed up grocery check outs considerably and would be just as entertaining!


Artsy… but gross.


When you really think about it, they’re still the same material, right? So why wouldn’t we want to combine these two things? /s


Dude, where do you shop?


I’m not invoking the “just because it can be done, it doesn’t mean it should be done”… but DAMN!


Post-modern requirement.


You’ve neatly connected nail art with the Mandelbrot Set. I think you should be proud of that. Tight-ass mathematicians may not agree with me, though.



Cyriak would!


I think he would.

I blame the ‘power’ of CGI ‘morphing’ imagery over the years and it’s game-changing effect on people’s expectations and options in artistic impression.


Part of me always wondered if the Enterprise’s communications center would have run more efficiently if Uhura hadn’t taken so much pride in her appearance.


Still, you can’t argue with results.


Matching Set


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