Take a look at a cool manicure with a used tampon theme

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/07/17/take-a-look-at-a-cool-manicure.html

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Of course, in reality I give it five minutes before one of those loops gets caught on something and then torn off.

Then again, I’ve never tried to wear false nails and perhaps such exotic ornamentations are more common than I realize.

Just when I thought I was safe in the grocery store check out line post 2 inch nail craze!

Those strings would be annoying as fuck.


The perfect Deus Ex Machina for those action movies where someone can’t quite reach the keys to the jail cell. Weird art girl to the rescue!

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The loops are beyond stupid, but people put a lot of stupid stuff on their nails and enjoy it. Me, I can’t even type if they get too long. It’s not a feminine accouterment I enjoy.

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