Bubble nails look like marbles attached to finger tips


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So this would be one of those ‘Clearly does not have to do manual labour’ fashions. Wealth/status signalling.



You can mark me down in the DO NOT LIKE column, please.


]: If someone is really into nail art and all of that then great. It’s just strange and sort of not very pleasant looking to me.


I promise you that everyone one of those ladies has a job.


Piffle, that’s nothing a horrible heart or respiratory condition haven’t been doing for centuries…

… eeek.


No doubt, that’s not the point. But there are many fashions that
implicitly or explicitly exclude manual or agricultural labour. This is a
modern form. The status signalling is not necessarily accurate - most
people who wear designer clothes probably shouldn’t from a financial
literacy point of view.

Historical versions include foot binding, the intense study of useless
things, being fat/ not being fat (depending on whether poor people are or
are not fat).


If you were looking for a fashion trend that would inhibit both nose-picking and ring-wearing, here it is.


But its a false signifier then, as the women that do this likely have jobs, so they’re not signifying wealth or status.
This goes to our ongoing fedora debate, what do modern accoutrement say about us… it is interesting.

(I have opinions about this manicure tho that intersect with race… but thats for another day.)


I’ve been looking for a way to increase the possibility of a nail getting ripped out of my finger!

No thanks. If I had nails this is as unorthodox as I would go:


I only support this if you bring the acrylic up onto your finger and paint the nails like little whales, otherwise it’s just kinda weird.


I get acrylic nails (I do the permanent French and they look amazing, but my nail artist is fabulous). I hate it when the gel is on too thick. This would be so gross to wear. It’d be like having horns on your hands. Yuck.


Pfff, everybody knows that magnets in your fingertips is where its at


Crohn’s Disease (type of inflammatory bowel disease), too.

Wikipedia entry on nail clubbing.




Yuck, it looks like she has jacked up teeth growing from her fingers.


Mark, you’re pranking us, right? Dear lord, that’s hideous. It looks like these women have some sort of horrible fungal growth going on.


although… you’ve got just enough space in the bubbles to put an LED, a small battery and a bluetooth antenna. #justSaying


Hip new thing for black women now, Paris runway item in mid-2016, teens named Amber get it at the mall in 2017.



i find bubble fingernails to be upsetting to my stomach.