Bubble nails look like marbles attached to finger tips


Easy remedy. Don’t eat them.


Body art is body art. Not my cup of tea, but neither are gauged anything, neck tattoos, or any of a lot of the things people do with their own bodies for the sake of art or fashion or self-expression. So, I’m not going to get any of those things.

A lot of the responses here feel “judgy” to me – more so than I would expect from a pack of happy mutants. Go figure.


Hey! Judge not the happy mutants, lest you be judged, you judgey judger, you!


As someone who actually does her own nails, I am trying to figure out wtf this is doing on Boing Boing? There are thousands of completely ridiculous nail trends out there on the internet, some of which make my rectum cringe just thinking about them.


Mall shop closes 2018.


I don’t wanna know how nails made you think “rectum.”


Actually, this particular style, composed of bead-like soft curves, is much less rectal-cringe inducing than most.

I mean, you know. Theoretically.


Thank you. I can’t help but think of disease when I look at those styles. I’ve seen some built up styles that are almost like sculptures on the fingers, mostly from Japan where I’m assuming the women wearing them are likely pop stars or models of some sort.

As for the ones shown, honestly it makes me think of illness and also somewhat reminds me of people who have had their finger cut off mid-nail.

Thus, I’d have to go in the “no” category. While certainly people can decorate their fingers as they like, I have to admit these look somewhat… unpleasant to me. I think mainly just because they do look a bit sore at the edges too, like the beds have been injured.

Not my thing, but really hardly the ugliest thing I’ve seen. Aaaand my relative with the chopped off finger might find this style a fun way to make the injury less obvious (not sarcasm, I really do have a relative who had the end of her finger sliced off by a window that shut unexpectedly as she was looking out of it).


I’m sure that someone has already had the bubble thing done to their nails and then had them painted to look like eyeballs, right?

I never get in on the ground floor of any of the cool fashions.



Google “stiletto nails” and then consider it the next time you are on the toilet :grinning:



I didn’t know it until now, but I love bubble nails too!

Even if I didn’t, I’d probably not voice my disapproval of black women sporting fashions that make it look like they didn’t do enough manual labor for my tastes. But that is a moot point because the shininess is awesome, and also the technique video is really hypnotic.


Interesting you call out only “black” women…?


To be fair @rocketpj has said, twice, ‘manual’ work. They didn’t say they don’t have a job.


You must be new here.


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