Burned paper fingernails


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Nude polish? Aren’t fingernails always nude? Until you polish them, I guess. So nude polish is not nude. Man, I’m all zenned out all of a sudden.

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The term “nude” when it is referred to fashion and paint and all that fun stuff is, well, it’s racist. Just think about the color that “nude” generally refers to.

transfer the ink to your nails atop a light nude polish

Not clear? So if you mean nude, do you mean that folks who aren’t white are left out?

I mean obviously that wasn’t the writer’s intention, but intention isn’t magic, and it’s pretty shitty, imo, that “nude” is basically “white-people colored”.

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Agree in general, but I think nail polish may be a rare exception to that rule since nail beds are usually more or less the same color regardless of their owner’s skin tone.

[Edit to add: to my eye, at least. I’m not a cosmetologist.]

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Why stop with the nails?

Need to bring the word “isabelline” back anyway…

Even weirder considering it’s actually beige (like as in the color of old newsprint and so far as I know no living human’s skin color) that they have painted the nails in the pic anyway.

Considering that most nail treatments involve applying pieces of stuff to your nails, why not carefully cut out the appropriately sized and shaped pieces of newspaper, singe them, then adhere them over your nails on a layer of clear polish. Finish with another layer or two of clear to protect them. Is there something in newsprint that is bad to apply directly to a layer of nail polish?

But that means you can be nude not nude too with a double layer of not nude. Flip the classroom, man!

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