No middle ground: Amy Lombard's toenail art series will delight or horrify you

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I am the master of the middle ground. I am neither repulsed nor delighted. A solid “meh” with a healthy, “How do you walk/drive/etc with those?” I imagine you would have to step like wearing clown shoes.


Pass. But her, ummm, “Sex Party” series was more, ummm, interesting.

Option #3: Boggled by the high level of Dumb.

Didnt know that one. I couldn’t use it, I like crows…

why not both

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I have taken the liberty of borrowing @Mangochin’s link to every Godzilla design ever (from the Haruo Nakajima / Godzilla thread) because, well, you know.

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I’ll pass. My feet are much more gross, but then again I don’t eat with them.

“…toenail art series will ‘delight’ or ‘horrify’ you”

This endeavor is obviously very creative, but also unbelievably impractical.

Next topic.


I used to live on a tiny island in the Pacific ocean called Tonga. Sometimes I would walk out onto the beach and stare into the ocean and really feel like I was on the edge of the world.

I think though, because the weather was always warm and people always wore sandals, that it became quite the fashion among young women there to grow their toenails as long as possible… they never worse closed shoes so no need to cut them! I tried to be the open minded expatriate but I was always secretly grossed out by these toenails.


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