How to fight pirates (the sea-faring kind, not the torrenting type)


Copying data is not piracy.

We should be helping pirates, not fighting them. In past centuries, fish, fishing boats and pirates lived in balance. Modern technology has reduced the number of pirates, resulting in an overpopulation of fishing boats, which resulted in 90% depletion of major fishing stocks. Restoring a healthy piracy industry is a key toward healing the oceans.

A lot of what is called piracy these days is actually the Somalia/Puntland/Somalialand Coast Guard, which is decentralized, low-tech and privatized. Puntland has no centralized government. I’m not counting the Kenyan-backed puppet invader government. International fishing fleets were trespassing in Somali waters, depleting fishing stocks, so the somalis formed a coast guard militia to protect the fishing grounds and territory. granted, it evolved past that. Western journalism has a double standard when it comes to reporting on such matters. When the US coast guard seizes ships, which it does routinely, nobody calls that piracy, but when the Somalis seize ships in the same way, they are labeled as pirates. Privateers might be a better term.

Part of the “draining the swamp” theory does involve helping those who are prospective pirates, giving them alternatives that are more attractive than engaging in piracy itself is. But that is something that is never easy to pull off, and also only pays off in the long term.

Otherwise you do seem to have an axe to grind with your comparing the US Coast Guard to the pirates working off of the Horn of Africa, as it is pretty weak. It’s like arguing against putting mufflers on Harleys since construction backhoescan be much louder, yet also legal.

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