Russian Navy vs. Somali pirates


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I don’t have time to tune into the show. What happens next? Does the Russian navy save them from drowning, or just let them die?


Didn’t watch it. I dunno, just not into watching videos of people getting killed today.


Looks like a fair fight to me. /s


I had no idea the unemployment rate in Somalia was so high


That boat has a surprising amount of fuel in it, all things considered. Brutal.


I’m going to assume they took everyone off then destroyed the boat.


Is it just me or is the spread on that AK630 pretty substantial, given the range?


30 years of civil war has decimated their economy.


My guess is that if it’s the mother boat, it’s carrying extra fuel for the sea-doos.


Couple of links I found suggest it was actually routine target practice against empty boats and not Somali pirates.


Slight tangent, I think Africa will be the next China. Indeed, China is investing in parts of Africa. There is a huge untapped potential there. It is going to be an interesting next few decades there, I think. For the better, ultimately.


Does seem pretty inefficient if the goal is to stop pirates.

The US Navy, otoh, is a little more patient, and only needed 3 bullets for 3 pirates.


I somehow expect the splash of the bullets on the water to be moving the same direction as the impact, instead of going straight up. Does anyone here know the physics of that phenomenon?


Somali pirate recruiting video goes wrong, very wrong.


You can’t turn to piracy if you don’t have a boat. The primary source of pirates in Somalia are fishermen whose stocks have been fished out illegally by foreign thieves. Very many of whom are Russian. So yeah, really cool.


water naturally resists compression and is very good at absorbing high speed impacts while the air above offers very little resistance. While there is water traveling in the opposite directions of the impact, most of the high speed water is exiting at the point of least resistance, which is vertical.


Hostis humani generis.

And I don’t mean they’re Twinkies.


Ironically, the faster the projectile the quicker it slows down underwater from drag. Subsonic rounds actually go further.


indeed. Supercavitation is a bizarre phenomenon.