How to fill 40 water balloons all at once, for an awesome water balloon battle

Not ketchup, but, this would be the method to put something into a balloon without force behind it:

These fillers are cool but they seem to be a terribly wasteful design. It appears in the video that once a balloon pops off its stem the water continues pouring through. As more balloons pop off, the waste:fill ratio gets worse and worse, and much of the pressure is pouring out into the ground (or balloon bucket). So the last few balloons take forever to finish.


Seeing how long those filling stems are, wouldn’t it be pretty easy to just kink the stems? Like when you’re at the last few balloons, just grab a wad of stems near the tip, and kink them all in one shot?

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In the original kickstarter, all of the balloons stay attached. Then when they’re all full, you shake it and they all fall off at once. So either this is a cheap knockoff and the balloons can’t stay attached, or the person using it is using it wrong.

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