How to fill 40 water balloons all at once, for an awesome water balloon battle

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What the hell is this wizardry.


Or sponges and buckets if you’re not into picking little bits of rubber shit up off your lawn.


I remember testing every tap and faucet in the house to see which was the best at balloon-filling.

The bathroom - with the old-timey separate hot/cold faucets.

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They drop just like ripe grapes into the waiting mouth of the fox.

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I came up with a game for my daughters and their friends. Waterballoon hockey.
We play with maybe grapefruit sized water balloons and cheap kids hockey sticks.
They last for surprisingly long time and sometimes just roll over the goalie’s hockey stick.

Just to make it a bit more exciting the one rule I added is that whoever breaks the balloon
loses a point (to prevent everyone from doing wild slapshots). Great game on a hot summer day.

The last game the kids played with their friends, I mentioned that other than the point against you for breaking the balloon there are no rules so consequently when youngest player flailed away at the others feet and everyone complained she said ‘but you said there are no rules!’


In Venezuela it’s practically a rite of passage having giant water balloon fights, They can get a bit out of hand, but personally i would prefer to tie them by hand. You can make them as flexible/loose or as tight as you need depending on how hard you want to hit :stuck_out_tongue: also i dabbled into filling water balloons with random stuff like ketchup, now that’s a fun surprise when someone gets hit.


How do you get ketchup into a water balloon with enough force to make it an effective bursting device?

In gradeschool and highschool (70’s/80’s) there was always a day where the kids decided that it was water war day… It was surprisingly tolerated by the powers that be (as long as it didn’t disrupt class or get unsafe) - I can’t imagine it happening now-a-days.

I dunno, it’s easy. You can add 60-70 percent water beforehand if you don’t want to use as much ketchup.Just make sure you’re using a squeeze bottle rather than a glass bottle and when you tie it just keep the knot to the balloon really taught so that the balloon doesn’t have much flex or give. This makes it hit harder and burst easier. I had also used other condiments including hot sauce (that did not end well when my neighbor got hit in the face, i did not think that one through)

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Yeah, they were a lot more work back then. Each shot was precious.

Grand fun…chucking them off the grandparents’ condo in Park City way, way down into the parking area. Damn near got busted a couple of times.

And then all the burst balloons are thrown in the trash and dumped in the ocean. The sea life is not amused but hey, it entertained some humans for 60 seconds!

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“Got a load for the landfill, Chief.”

“Whoa, buster. You done the mandatory balloon check yet?”

“Aww c’mon boss, that shit’s the pits!”

“You know it’s our civic duty to pick all the bits of balloon out of the disgusting garbage that would otherwise go in a landfill so that we can dump it in the ocean directly.”

“But boss, it takes forever and it doesn’t make even the slightest bit of sense. Why do we do this?”

“Because, son…because fuck the ocean.”


Uh, am I the only one who saw the first frame of the video and thought “dozens of hemorrhoids”?


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Maybe I’ve looked at too much stuff under the microscope? Maybe not hemorrhoids. But they look… Weird. Like, maybe the spores in some kind of fungus. Or a wad of ventricosa algae (which if you haven’t seen them, you should look them up right now. They’re amazing single-celled algae that grow to be the size of golf balls, I have no idea how a single cell can get that big.)

In Venezuela, they had ketchup on tap…

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Squeeze/Plastic bottles ftw

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