How to find anything on the internet

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How could he have missed the operator allintext: the single most important dorking tool?

Can you, with these search methods find Aladdin’s lamp ?


+“index of /” +“Star Wars Episode IV: A new hope.mp4”

First hit on that google search provides all the proof you need of its efficacy:


Well I searched for it and none of the results mentioned this usage. And none of the top ten things to do in Dorking were … dorking.

But Dorking is at the foot of Box Hill. Although Box Hill does not have an actual box to enter things into that lead one to Dorking. It does have a ZIgZag Road, though, for approaching things obliquely, if that’s any help. And a River Mole for those burrowing through data.


For those who think that Google is evil: DuckDuckGo can do most of that, too. Here’s the manual:


Is this meta-dorking?


I remember when dork had another meaning in junior high school – see #2 below.


  1. Someone who is socially-awkward, nerdy, and/or stupid. “I can’t ask that dork to the prom!”

  2. vulgar slang The penis. “Hey, I don’t want to see your dork—pull up your pants!”

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Damn, you beat me to it!

Box Hill is flipping steep and was used as part of the cycle route in the 2012 Olympics:

And, yes, @Scientist, I do believe it’s meta-Dorking…! :smiley:


I was not on Box Hill itself (it’s the Zig Zag that is the steepest part) in 2012, but I was on the Headley loop they went round multiple times, sitting at the side of the road along with many others…

…including seeing road repairs of a pretty major nature, taking place barely 4 hours or so before the riders came through. A very large chunk of the road surface was lifted right on a bend! I don’t recall them resurfacing (though memory is hazy, they may have done), but they certainly made a point of removing anything vaguely loose.

Also, the symbol of Dorking is a cockerel. There is a giant metal cockerel statue on a roundabout at one of the roads into town.


Scrolled down for the “secrets”. What a letdown.

Yeah, dumb.

The publishers of Search Engines for Dummies is not gonna like this, not one bit!

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Good to know.

“Many of the !bangs even have short versions. Use ‘a’ for Amazon or ‘w’ for Wikipedia.

For example: !a shoes or !w shoes”

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