How to get that silver-mouthed Warboy look without dying from paint fumes


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Edible glitter, too?

Truly an age of wonders we live in!


Phht, whatever.


That was one truly AMAZING continuation of the Driving Miss Daisy franchise.


You still may not want to, y’know, inhale it.


Shiny! Oh what a day, what a lovely day!


I’m going to buy a case of this so I can be shiny and chrome for all of my meetings at work.


And here they said he couldn’t tell shite from shinola.


…so, has anyone actually bought this stuff yet? I’m waiting to see an unboxing video.


Amazon users, answering the important questions.




I think this was the gif you wanted for the article:


Well shit. I know what my next innapropriately-shirtless cosplay is gonna be. I wont even have to use white body paint cause its been since I went in the sun.


What I want to know is where did they get the spray cans? Wouldn’t that be kind of scarce after the collapse of industrial covilizatipn?


I love the deadpan answers from the sellers themselves:


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