How to glue things together


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For “one of the great unknown useful websites on the internet”, it has a peculiarly short list of thises and thats. The advice for plastics might be OK for home use, but…


It is on Boing Boing. How dare you question its greatness?

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I’m surprised they didn’t mention J-B Weld as an option for gluing ceramics together. It worked beautifully on the Weeping Angel I made. The wings had to be attached after firing.


I get that these guys have freedom of speech and can recommend any glue they want to, but why should I listen to them? What are their testing results? Where is the data? Two days ago I was digging through old issues of my woodworking magazines to see what glue they recommend, and found a fairly long article in Wood magazine detailing their testing methods for around 30 glues and the results they had in numerous categories including joint strength, ease of use, time to set, cost, etc. Their result for wood to wood was Titebond 3, which isn’t even mentioned in this website’s recommendations. Seems like a woodworking magazine with transparent methodology should be trusted more than whoever these guys are.

That said, I’d have no idea where to start when gluing plastic to glass, so it’s good to at least get an opinion on some of this unusual stuff.


Yeah, I was looking for auto, car, paint etc. Metal is not sticking something to the side of a car. Thats gluing to paint. I also want to know about removal and clean up before I glue.

I recently had a terrible experience where a pal insisted gorilla glue was how to affix the knee pads to my motorcycle tank. I had to have the tank re-re-painted.

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JB Weld is the duct tape of glues/adhesives.


I’ve loved This-To-That for years now. Very said that it apparently has not been updated for more than three years.

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