How to have fun with transparent sheets printed with dots

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I really wanted to post a sidebar: I absolutely love how it sounds when English is spoken flawlessly and with command of such a large vocabulary by a non-native speaker. I love accents by themselves, and I love effective, expressive, and off-the-cuff use of English, too; both together has such a wonderful sound.


When I was briefly in printing school, the first day they were teaching us how to use the process camera all of us had halftone screens on our desks. While getting lectured at, everyone completely ignored the lesson to mess around with the halftone screens to do exactly what’s going on in this video.

It’s a great way to clear the mind… unless that’s something you shouldn’t be doing.


Perforated sheetmetal can do the same.


I love watching this effect happen with freeway overpasses that have chain-link fence on them. Sidebar: MSRI>MRSI.


In college I overheard my graphic designer friends talking about benday dots. It wasn’t until recently I learned they were actually invented by Ben Day.

Accent or not he’s just amazingly charismatic.
Would love to have him explain more stuff.


Incidentally, Tadashi speaks something like a dozen other languages (we overlapped in grad school). A friend of mine, American, complained that Tadashi spoke better English than my friend did. I didn’t comment, because it was true.

BTW there are several more videos of him by the same videographer, who has in turn made many other videos of mathematicians passing through the Bay Area.

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