How to keep your secret activist Twitter account a secret

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Timely information for my freshly started Twitter activist account! He’s right, though, the hard part is keeping my own mouth shut about it, I want to tell all my friends, but some of them are Rump Roast supporters. Doh!


My activist Twitter was supposed to be secret?

Oh, shit.


Serious question: there is a site I plan on putting up, one page that’s static and handwritten HTML with no images to speak of (and the ones that I do have I am cleaning up the metadata in them). I plan on using registration protection for the name and hosting it with a new webhost so that it can’t be easily associated with me or any other sites I run (by being on the same IP). I’m not trying to hide from the administration, if they are small enough to want to send me to alt-summer camp for what I have in mind then they already have plenty to send me there already when the opportunity arises. Basically, I don’t want to put it up and end up doxxed by the random redneck fascists who may take some umbrage to it and want to show up at my door with spray paint, shotguns or Molotov cocktails.

Any other protection ideas I haven’t thought of?

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Registration protection is the main thing, and many domain registrars offer it for free – I don’t know if you trust Google, but Google’s domains are protected for free. There are probably some even-more privacy-minded registrars. Point is, don’t get scammed by GoDaddy into paying for it.


Exactly what he said. I use it on mine, it’s enough I think. Not like I’m some famous activist with an FBI record they’ll want to go after, but I do have to think about my job which has tangential ties to the government. I wish I could tell you all about my site, but I was told by this article to shut my big fat mouth and stop outing myself.


Can you buy a pre-paid American Express giftcard (with cash, of course) and use it to pay for the domain, thereby never giving your real info?

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It’s actually “The Grugq,” not “The Gruqq.” I still haven’t the foggiest idea what that moniker means, though.

Or, we get persecuted openly. That might be good for democracy. I dunno…

It’s against the ICANN rules to provide them with fake info, so the registrar might cancel your ownership if they believe it is fake. Further, although a valid email address is generally all the they’ll use to contact you, they may also contact you via snail mail, and if you’re not there that might again trigger ownership removal.

In practice, though, you probably just need an email, and, at the limit, a PO Box, and you’d probably be fine.

True story: I once had pitchers of bear with The Grugq in Thailand semi-randomly. He’s a damn smart fellow though completely mercenary when it comes to the business of selling zero days.

I don’t know that it means anything.

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