How to make 2018 the year you learned to code

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Too late. It was 1980, I think.


I thought phreaking was old-hat these days? Oh, I see ‘freaking’. Silly me.

What’s wrong with “how to make an iphone app”? What’s so ‘freaking’ about it?

I hope busy developers already know how to code or is that hoplessly naïve of me?


A phreaking iphone app sounds interesting, and as it is a celebration of Apples origins there can’t possibly be a problem with getting it on the store.


Long ago, I worked at a Bell company. I had a manager who swore never to buy an Apple product, because he took those blue boxes personally.

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The year I learned to code was when my dad gave me my first telegraph key. I think it was 1969.


I’m making 2018 the year I learned how to stop coding. Retirement Jan 1.
Shit. Now what.

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