How to make a Battlezone type movie using Adobe After Effects

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I’m not sure which is more nuts - that he made the movie by manually entering all the vectors into after effects, or that he decided to make it look like it had been made in the 80’s what with the poor man’s widescreen presentation (the faux two 4:3 CRTs side by side look, also created in after effects).

Anyway, yay for insane labours of love. The world would be a far, far poorer place without them.


Stu is a madman… There are so many other ways to create this thing that would have been much less work, but bless him for going about it the way he did, and sharing the process.


Ogre: The Movie


Someone else in the YT comments described it as “A Tron Bolo”.

Also, if y’all haven’t watched Red Giant’s other shorts, I highly recommend them. Great fun, and obviously lovely effects.

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I realize that it’s an accomplishment to make a thing using entirely different technology, but sheesh, you can always program a Raspberry Pi to drive an oscilloscope in XY mode to make REAL vector graphics, instead of faking them on a raster display. Which is not the least bit authentic.

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