An endlessly spinning distraction

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I made one.

It’s made of expanding spheres of black and white that color whatever objects they hit, which is how the stripes on the plane line up with the ones on the torus.


Keep the b/w gifs coming. I will just look at them, and forward each one to the family for appreciation. \o/

What you want to do with this is stare at it, at a fixed spot on the screen for, say, 30 seconds. Then look at the curtains.

I have some more if you want to see

I came up with an interesting method for making them in After Effects that uses no plugins or expressions.


What the hell? I just bought everything in the BB store…


It looks like a physically plausible scene. But how to build it so that a person could observe it?

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If you close one eye, it looks more three-dimentional, not less. I assume the brain knows you are using monocular vision, and assumes the object is 3D, so presents it as such. I noticed the effect with a different gif the other day.

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