How to make a bowie knife

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The obvious question: Benjen Stark?


So you don’t need any spiders from Mars then?

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Now do a forged one.

(Obviously that’s not a knife being made there, I just liked the picture.)


Here’s a pic of my forged one…

W2 steel, stainless and antique wrought iron fittings, maple burl handle. Hamon like a J-sword because that’s how I roll…


Benjamin Stark

Hoping his middle name is Howard. Then… he starts in his garage making Bowie knives, then moves on to gunsmithing. One lucrative contract from the government later and he is a fully fledged member of the military industrial complex. Then all he has to do is have a son named Tony.

mmmm thas a mighty fine piece of bacon you got under that cutlery, I’d slice that all up

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Nice work! Is it sitting on a slab of wonderstone?

That it is!

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