How to make a coin purse out of a rock

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I really love the end result.
Bear in mind, when grinding stone you’ll live alot longer if you work wet.


Spoiler: it’s an objet d’art that looks like a purse full of coins and not an actual functional thing.



The noises that spherical bit made gave me dentist flashbacks.


Bear in mind, when grinding stone you’ll live alot longer if you work wet.

Silicosis is a thing. Also, it’s cleaner and faster to work wet, and beats your tools up less.

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Reddit’s /DIWhy offers a great many more such creations for those who enjoyed this one.

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Schist, that was good. It’s slated to be the sort of purse a skinflint would use, I feel. But only a stoned person would think it real.


How to make a coin purse out of a rock:

Step 1: Find a big heavy rock, and not so heavy as to be unwieldable using two hands.
Step 2: Locate person carrying coin purse.
Step 3: Carrying your step 1 rock, approach step 2 person.
Step 4. Stand near enough to step 2 person to:
Step 4a: clearly threaten said person with the step 1 rock
Step 4b: instruct said person that they must hand over their coin purse or risk being clomped over the head with the step 1 rock.
Step 4c: accept the coin purse from said person. Note: A two-hand rock requires that the coin purse be thrown to the ground.
Step 5: Instruct step 2 person to exit the immediate area.
Step 6: Verify that the step 2 person has left the area.
Step 7: Discard the step 1 rock.
Step 8: Pocket the coin purse.
Step 9: Run away. Note: Direction of escape should be 180 +/-5 degrees from step 2 person’s direction of escape.
Step 10: Examine contents of coin purse; if contents are not acceptable, return to step 1.


That’s what she said.

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Looks marginally easier than the usual sow’s ear ->> silk purse project.

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What kind of vise is that at 3:20?

See here as well.

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