How to make a pocket slingshot

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…waiting for the pocket rocket innuendo…


Hope it’s a lot more satisfying than the pocket billiards game I used to play in math class in jr. high.

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This is what we used to use the disgusting jellybean flavors for: slingshot ammo. Bonus that the ammo is biodegradable.

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Wondering if anyone has hijacked an airplane with a crossbow made of innocuous parts.

Better yet a mentos coke gun.

Or something that directs the power of a shorted lithium battery.

It is hard to eliminate all ways of storing energy for quick release.

I wonder how much more power you’d get with one of those punching balloons.

innuendo? It damn near came out the other side!


Actually pocket slingshots are one of the greatest pieces of technology after invented by man, they have so many great uses.
I guess I have to admit I often use mine to play little tricks on people.
For examples sometimes I will put syringes full of drugs into a pocket and then slingshot that pocket into a police officer’s or a politician’s pants.

One time after I assassinated a famous mafioso I threw the other gunsels off the scene by shooting the pocket with the gun I used into a wise guys vest coat, and then I managed to turn suspicion on that guy.

Anyway everyone should have one of these things.




I love that he shows the intended use of the plumbing parts before making them into something fun.:+1:


The TSA just banished balloons and all plumbing connectors from carry-ons. They are still studying the Skittle threat…

When a man is as great a shot with a pocket slingshot as I am that he can land three pockets into a pair of clown pants at 200 meters and not have the clown even aware of it, not to brag of such an accomplishment would be false modesty.

Although I have to admit I once lost a penny from a pocket I was shooting at my banker, so I’m not as great as I could have been /humble braggart

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