Watch how to weaponize a small bike pump

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I want a mad scientist for my neighbor.



The Welrod resembled a bicycle pump when the handle/magazine was removed.


NOT EVERYBODY knows how I killed old Phillip Mathers, smashing his jaw in with my spade; but first it is
better to speak of my friendship with John Divney because it was he who first knocked old Mathers down by giving him a great blow in the neck with a special bicycle-pump which he manufactured himself out of a hollow iron bar

For more on weaponizing bicycle pumps (and other assorted things of interest) see Flann O’Brien’s The Third Policeman.


That looks like The Chaperone in Destiny

I’ve got your weaponized air pump right here:


TIL that a slingshot may be a pretty good self defense device for the home.

Makes me wonder if anyone has tried hijacking a plane or assasinating a president with one. Certainly seems like more of a threat than most things they confiscate at metal detectors.

I’ll take ‘This person’s watched too much No Country for Old Men’ for 100, Alex.

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I know exactly how this idea came about. Think about being several miles from home on a bicycle heading uphill, when you hear the telltale click of a dog’s claws running on the asphalt behind you…


I love Joerg so much. I bet he is an excellent hugger - as long as he stopped before breaking any bones. It appears that he’s dropped a few pounds since I first watched his videos. His wedding ring looks kind of loose on his finger now.

That was essentially my first thought when I read the headline. Anything can be weaponized if you swing or throw it hard enough.

But I assume the video is only interested in a very specific sort of weaponization. Namely using it as a projectile launcher.

My first thought was to use the pump to pressurize a container that would then fire a projectile, but later in the video he mentions German fire-arms laws about stored energy (I’m gonna just take his word on it) and can see how that wouldn’t work out for him.

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