How to make an astonishing Pepper's Ghost illusion with a plastic cup lid and your phone

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I’m just glad he didn’t try to claim that it was a “hologram.” People passing off Pepper’s ghosts as holograms is pretty common and is one of my pet peeves.


That is pretty cool. But God, do I hate the TikTok affect of the video. This could have been a blog post.

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Andy Samberg Yes GIF by The Lonely Island

So gonna do this…

That looks like a lot of fun to make.
Thanks for this!

“Eat the cookie… Trace the paper… Drink the frappucino”

I hear and obey…

Oh yeah, my son and I are doing this today!


Old hat: Fast food places offering limited edition ghost pepper burgers. Introducing the new Pepper’s Ghost burger!*

*Restaurant is not liable for customers accidentally biting own tongues.

Me to wife: The girls and I need to get Slurpees right now.
Wife: Needs?
Me: No time to explain, but science.

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I mean, if you bought a soft drink from the right restaurant you could have Dr. Pepper’s Ghost. :man_shrugging:

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Virtual Idol Hatsune Miku Dazzled On David Letterman

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He’s a great artist with an interesting cv that crosses many different mediums. I love his recent exploration of video work–he does a lot on instagram but more recently joined tiktok where his videos really took off. He’s done a lot of instructional videos explaining how he merges newer digital technology with older analog stuff–very useful for makers who want try it out. He also makes lenticular tv enamel pins–they are really cool and available on his site. We used to run in the same social circle in San Francisco many years ago–glad he’s still out there making art and sharing it with the world.

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