How to make really long words in German

The Bob Loblaw Law Blog lobs law bombs.

(boy do I miss that site)

On the other hand, in what other language than English can you give someone perfectly accurate directions telling them to go straight until they hit the (four way stop, post office, roundabout, etc).

Well, I could do this in German, and so can my German wife (perhaps unsurprisingly). I think that perfectly accurate directions would be a bit wordier in German than the English satnav equivalent (and the German ones I’ve used ask nicely too, which compounds this) but really I don’t get why the Navi would confuse ‘auf die linke Spur bleiben’ (keep to the left lane) and ‘Links abbiegen’ (turn left).

Because that would be ‘ein hantelschwingender Barbarella-Parodist’. (Assuming you meant wielding. If you actually meant welding, it would be ‘ein hantelschweißender Barbarella-Parodist’.)
Anyway, not enough Bs, I guess…

Auf der linken Spur bleiben.
Nach 500 Metern auf die rechte Spur wechseln.
Sie haben Ihr Ziel erreicht.

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In Korean, the word for fish literally means “water meat”.

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