Improved names for everyday things




Finger-pants is great :smiley:

Reminds me of the literal German translation of gloves - “Hand-shoes”


First of all, that’s “Horsenado”. If you’re going to inter-meme, do it right. Second:



This has Tom Haverford written all over it.


My wife coins wonderful ones… They love to tease her at work.
Unfortunately, my mind is blank right now.


Dude - I came here to post exactly that.

HAHA - hand shoes. Those zany Germans. They hate making new words if they can just get by with combining existing ones.


Would that be “mlank”?



you have embiggened by word list. thank you.


Something like cow dog for goat or cheesy pasta for mac-n-cheese


I had a brain fart the other day trying to talk about the kitchen sink, ended up calling it the “plug place”. It’s stuck around pretty well in our house


Ooh yeah, I’d like to dump a liter of hop soda in my tooth-hole right now, but I gotta stay in money-jail for another hour and a half or so. But then I can go to the explosives-depot, and get my people-mover filled up with valuable solvents, and a couple of cheap barley pops for me too. Then, when I get home, I’ll play with my friend-beast.


My contractually exclusive friend-beast doesn’t like me to call her that.

I have a neuro thing where names, especially proper names are really difficult for me(double that for foreign languages) so my friend-beast really gets a giggle seeing others, (like this and the XKCD which is on our food-cooler) do what I do every day. The people names thing is a real pain in the ass especially at gatherings, for others I can always use a thesaurus.


I guess friend beast was ambiguous, I meant a beast who is my friend, in this case my dog, though I suppose you can mean it any way you like. I was just copying The Oatmeal’s coinage for his dog. But yeah, there’s a beautiful simplicity in the “up-goer five” type of noun substitution.


Just did some research, horsebeast is woman, got it.


I work in a very international group (I’m one of three native English speakers, in a group of around 50), so these names are normal. Which is wonderful. I find myself struggling not to adopt them.

My (German) girlfriend recently rejected ‘froglet’ as a word I’d made-up. She thought it too funny to be a real word.

Unable to find better words, I recently found myself asking, in rather broken French, if the hotel I was staying at had a bedroom for my bicycle. The nice lady on reception smiled, and showed me a room where I could store it overnight.


That reminds me of David Sedaris recounting his trip to the French dentist in “Me Talk Pretty One Day.”

Describing past dental work he tells the dentist, “when I had of myself eight, I wore a fencepost in my mouth.”


There needs to be a bicycle bedrooms international guide for folks out on cycle tour similar to the one for finding alcohol stove fuel.


Teutonic literalism is fab. Where vacuum cleaners suck dust rather than clean vacuums.


Friend of mine was complaining about her nominal aphasia once, but she had had a long day, and it came out as a complaint about drain bamage.