How to make Sriracha sauce

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It’s $1.99 at the local market, why would I make it?


Cuz it’s fun to make stuff? It’s nice to have things that are home-made? It’s interesting to learn how things are made, and what goes into them, by making things yourself? Because there’s more to life than the Law of Comparative Advantage?


Thank you. I’m always baffled by “why make your own when you can buy it?” arguments.


As someone who brings Huy Fong, Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce, 9 Ounce Bottle to every event. I want to make my sriracha as gifts and not just bring a store bought condiment, as good as it is.

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It’s tricky sometimes to make something as good as store bought. Malcolm Gladwell did a piece about how certain products just “ring true” like Heinz ketchup, while mustard is far more flexible. I would suspect Sriracha is one of the former where the balance of flavors is tricky. I’ve been afraid to make pickles even when our vines give far more than we can eat, I’m very particular about live culture cold case half-sour pickles like Ba-Tampte and hate most others. On the other hand homemade jam is almost always great, did a batch of raspberry last night from our small patch.


So you can eat your recipe, instead of somebody elses!

I feel like she should have talked about the fermenting process a little more. She did not even refer to the fermenting lid she had on the original mason jar. A sealed mason jar with raw ingredients in it sounds like a recipe for disaster (exploding glass).

I watched the video so you don’t have to.
Sriracha -

  • Red Fresno chilis, or other red hot peppers. – cut of stems from 2lb peppers (1kg)

  • 1/4 lb garlic. (100-125g)

  • 2 Tbsp salt (35g)

  • grind up ~2min in a food processor or blender

  • put in glass jar to ferment, push down so solids stay below liquid during fermentation (otherwise you might get mold on top, but just scrape it off if that happens.) She used a glass mason jar with some kind of fermenter lid that lets the gasses escape, but didn’t talk about it in the video.

  • optionally add fish sauce or other umami source

  • ferment a few days, then blend again.

  • strain out the solids, keep the liquid

  • add 1/4 cup sugar,

  • cook on stove - small boil then turn off heat, stir - melt in the sugar, but don’t cook it down much.

  • optionally can it if you’d like.

If you do this I recommend gloves. We make out own hot sauce and having it under your fingernails SUCKS!

Fingers to eyes is the fun bit.

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