Sriracha Ketchup from Heinz will soon be a thing


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Some things are better left alone.

Plus, who wants corn syrup-enhanced sriracha?


My kneejerk reaction as well.

Followed by, “What need does this serve that is unserved by Sriracha?”


f’realz. Sriracha, as the name of a place, can’t be trademarked (hence, no one owns ‘buffalo wings’). Huy Fung makes the ‘original’ Sriracha sauce, and it’s delicious, with an awesome balance between heat and actual flavor. And it’s cheap as hell. A 17oz bottle will set you back less than $5.

If you want sriracha ketchup, get a bottle of huy fong (you have one already, of course) and a bottle of ketchup and squirt some of one into some of the other to your liking.


Could this be DIYed by mixing standard ketchup with a hot sauce? (Though who would want to ruin a perfectly good hot sauce…)

Edit: lectroid beat me to it.

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For that matter, can anyone recommend a ketchup that has some savory to it, instead of almost sickly sweet?

Heinz ketchup on an otherwise high quality dog is blasphemous.

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I dislike ketchup, but will substitute cocktail sauce (like for shrimp) sometimes. Perhaps if someone knows of a savory ketchup, I’d try that.

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This is what I use for grilled cheese, all the time. Two-thirds ketchup to one-third sriracha.

You’re likely still going to be buying a bottle of ketchup and a bottle of sriracha for your fridge – why add a third bottle?

What needs? Profit for the company that makes Heinz ketchup, that’s my best guess.

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Yes. I do it all the time with grilled cheese.

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I guess someone’s going to link to The Oatmeal’s “Dear Sriracha”, so let’s get that out of the way.

[quote=“lectroid, post:4, topic:51761”]f’realz. Sriracha, as the name of a place, can’t be trademarked (hence, no one owns ‘buffalo wings’). Huy Fung makes the ‘original’ Sriracha sauce, and it’s delicious, with an awesome balance between heat and actual flavor. And it’s cheap as hell.[/quote]Makes me wonder if anyone at the company is alarmed. After all, if folks start associating the Sriracha name with an inferior product, they might be less inclined to spend their money on the original.

They made that tobasco ketchup a few years ago and I tried it. But then I realized… Sometimes I just want tobasco. And sometimes I just want ketchup. And it’s easier to put a little together on my food than to separate them in a big mixed up bottle.

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I’m not a huge Siracha fan (blasphemy, I know), but some of the Mexican ketchups with heat in them are pretty fun.

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Just like with mayonnaise, it’s better to buy it straight-up, then add your favorite poisons.

Sriracha mayo, btw, in a 1:2 ratio, is fantastic.


Take ketchup and sriracha. One squirt of each. Mix.

One advantage of this system is one can still be separated from the other. This is (probably) impossible after incorporating.

The other advantage is the proportional possibilities are only limited by the available supply of each product. Want a quart of ketchup with one squirt of sriracha? We can do that!

Why overthink it? :smile:

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This is really kind of unnecessary … they already have a really good Jalapeno ketchup. .

Maggi makes a very nice Chili sauce which is basically ketchup made with peppers instead of tomatoes, as well as a tomato and chilli sauce which is a blend. Wonderous stuff, available at you friendly neighborhood Indian grocer.

And, of course, Melinda’s makes several spicy ketchup varieties!

I’ve made this myself at times, but lately I’ve gone with:

  • 1 big bottle organic, low sodium, low sugar ketchup
  • 1/2 tin chipotles in adobo sauce

Place in really big jar, and blend with hand blender until only the seeds are intact.

BAM, instant life improvement.


Huy Fung only makes the “original” sriracha (and the place name is Si Racha, so the issue on trademark would be its already too generic) in that it was the first to get broad market penetration in the US. There are plenty of brands that pre-exist it. And a lot of the actual Thai brands are quite a bit better.

Which begs another question. Huy Fung’s sriracha is already sort of weirdly ketchupy to begin with. So why bother with sriracha ketchup. Just put out Hienz sriracha.


I never enjoyed catsup, haven’t had it for decades. Instead I use La Victoria brand Salsa Brava. It has the consistency of catsup without all the sugar and just enough heat that you can use it to excess. Yum. Good for anything that needs a condiment.