Horrid sriracha merch

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I like the socks. I would totally wear those.


Samsies… but…



I cock the hell out of hot sauce!
I hella cock hot sauce!
I put hot sauce on my…

…well, everything, I guess.


So hipster ketchup is the new bacon?


I was given a Sriracha Water Bottle a few years ago for Christmas. I liked it as a gift but sadly the low quality plastic nozzle ripped off completely somehow.


There’s a pot shop near my house (I live in Washington State) that advertises a THC-laced Sriracha sauce for sale, and the logo looks exactly like the real one. I have no idea if it’s legit or not.


Yeah, uh, guy took out no copyrights.
He’s a different kinda’ guy.
Good sauce though.


That sounds like the first line of a Darwin Award entry.


Yes, I bought a pair.


I’ll order some from my Alexa fish


I have that bike water bottle, it’s hilarious and I love it. Maybe you’re too serious and should lighten up a little?

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Sriracha eyedrops or GTFO.


I say AND! Why not both?


Sriracha is ok, but just kinda bland. It tastes like tabasco or something generic with a few extra shakes of garlic powder.

If you want a big, cheap (and I mean cheap!) bottle of hot sauce that tastes great with everything, get this stuff:


Yeah, they’d keep you really warm.

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You’ve… never actually had sriracha, have you?

Apart from the heat, there are fundamental differences:

  • Tabasco: vinegary
  • Tapatio/Cholula: savory
  • Sriracha: sweet

I’ve not tried Valentina, though I’ve seen it at the 99Cent store many times. I’ll try it out next time I’m there.

Edit: I tried Valentina (orange label/original “Mexican Hot Sauce”) today. Its flavor is quite similar to Tapatio, but it’s a little thicker (not as thick as ketchup, though.) Its killer feature, though, is its lid. So good! It has two holes - a big one for the sauce and a smaller one to prevent vacuum lock - and the big one has a bit of a neck to create a spout. It’s the PERFECT sauce bottle for in-car burrito delectation! When I finish off the bottle I’ll see whether the lid can be re-fitted to any other brands.

In the field of widely-retailed, mild-to-medium-heat, Jalisco-style hot sauces, my ranking now stands:

  1. Cholula, chipotle style
  2. Valentina (I’ve only tried the original style so far)
  3. Tapatio
  4. Cholula, other styles (original red, green, etc.)
  5. La Victoria salsa brava (the flavor of my youth)

I still love Tabasco AND sriracha, but they’re entirely different creatures.


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Many, many years ago, I contacted Huy Fong, asking about merchandise. I thought a red/green ringer tee with the bottle artwork would be pretty cool and a big seller.
Months later, I got a reply telling me that they DID have Huy Fong T-shirts for sale. It was an ungodly looking white T with what looked like an iron-on patch of a photo of a bottle of Huy Fong sriracha. It was really dumb looking and it told me everything I needed to know about their marketing/merchandising savvy. So it’s no surprise that they’re screwing the rooster, so to speak, in terms of cool swag.
You CAN buy a Huy Fong sriracha shirt now, via Target, with loads of other rather obnoxious brands, making it a somewhat pyrrhic win.

No, I just haven’t had tabasco in like 10 years. I just use that as shorthand for “boring ubiquitous hotsauce”.

Sriracha is “boring ubiquitous hotsauce + garlic”

Valentia is great. It seems to go with everything and, like you said, it’s amazingly cheap.