Old Tabasco ad


The single serving ones are great. Put them in your 1qt ziplock they don’t take up much space there when they’re out of the box.

World Market will often have these on sale.

Also, if you like old ads…take a look at vintage fruit crate labels. Some are excellent quality and very cheep for mid 20th prints.

EDIT: Oh…I see your using the sachet packets. I was thinking of the very tiny bottles.–a bit smaller than pinky sized bottle.
They used to pack those in MREs.

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Those teeny, glass bottles were a weird but reliable feature of MREs during a certain era.

the one true sauce, before which all other sauces are mockers

Tobasco is one of the venerated 3 for me, when it comes to commercial hot sauces. The other two being Sriracha, and El Yucateco, which I dump on anything that resembles food from below the lower 48.

There are of course better preparation like the Thai hot peppers pickled in rice vinegar and fish sauce. As far as mass produced hot sauces go though, these are the three.

That is a great add though. “Insures good digestion”. “Pure and more healthful than black pepper”. Clearly from the golden age of not needing to back up advertising claims.


Siriacha is nice but what most people get for it is pretty much spicy ketchup.

I think my favorite general food sauce is Trappey’s Bull Sauce which has just enough heat to notice and doesn’t overpower the vinegar base. I love it on greens. I just wish it was easier to find in the pacific north west.

Of course McIlhenny and Co. were one of the first trademark trolls. Given that the “Tabasco” in their name just refers to the ingredient of Tabasco peppers, logically any such sauce should be able to call itself “Tabasco sauce”. But the company aggressively went against competitors in the early 20th century, and eventually got a court to agree that the name was so associated with their product that others didn’t have a right to call their own sauces after what went into it. Pretty insane. That would be like only Tropicana being allowed to call juice from oranges “Orange Juice”

Of course McIlhenny and Co. were one of the first trademark trolls.

Then there’s the whole lore of the baton rouge.

That illustration would make a lovely stock certificate, wouldn’t it?

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At one point, my father had an official Tabasco-issued Beetle Bailey-themed MRE cookbook.

(Cookbook is overstating it a little. It was about the size of a Chick tract.)

I like the Chipotle Tabasco better on most things, though. Nice smoky flavor. For my taste, regular Tabasco has too much vinegar and not enough heat; if I add enough to heat things up respectably, it just makes everything taste like vinegar. (Oddly, I do like it on delivery sesame chicken.)

A recent infatuation.

Doesn’t travel as well, can’t find any smaller bottles, and it doesn’t have the same utility, thick, gloopy, dries up and leaves a crust if you don’t clean the bottle but… Damn! I likes it.


Blaire’s Mega Death Sauce is my preferred pepper sauce. I can down (literal) bottles of tobasco, but with this stuff I have to stop at five or so drops.

This is nice because I can get heat without feeling like I am pickling my foods. I really like it in kitchen as I can spice things up without altering the flavor profile.


Never tried it. I like heat with flavor, but I can deal with quite a bit of heat. I’m just not a big fan of extracts and sauces high on the Scoville scale that don’t impart any flavor. Scotch bonnets, Habaneros, and even ghost peppers have distinct flavors. Couple them with other ingredients and you get a great flavoring sauce. I feel like if all you are trying to do is add burn, then you screwed something up earlier on. It’s like adding salt. Shouldn’t have to be done.


Unless I can cook it down or pair it with something creamy, Tabasco is often just too vinegary for my tastes. (And no wonder: vinegar is the first ingredient.)

Far better for all purpose mass-produced hot-saucing is Tapatio, which does something magical to chili and just about everything else it touches. Cholula is also good. Also, the hot sauce my local taqueria makes. And the stuff I made from all the serrano chilies I allowed to ripen to ruby red status. Like sriracha, but much, much more fiery.

Tabasco does make a soy sauce that’s excellent on white rice, though. Makes a hell of a teriyaki sauce.


For me, it’s not so much the lack of flavour, it’s the weird rubber/chemical backnotes on the Blair’s extract sauces that put me off.

But, de gustibus non wossname est and all that. Just 'cause I don’t like it, doesn’t mean it’s crap. :smile:

For heat, I grow and make my own thermonuclear hot pepper sauce, but for flavour and convenience, I go for Sriracha (of course!), El Yucateco Mayan Kutbil Ik and a local Habanero/Mango sauce from Byron Bay.

Aww, haven’t seen Encona in a dogs age! Used to love that stuff when i was a podling. :smile:


I’ve got a couple of sauces I make myself. You have to be pretty close to me to know all of what goes into them though. :slight_smile: I do have to say for those that like smokey, try smoking a habanero in the way you would a jalapeno to make a chipotle.


Yeah, same here.
Not for any super-secret-source reasons, I’m just really crap at remembering what I put in them and I tend to cook by instinct.

Definitely. I’ve got a powdered blend smoked, dried peppers which include Butch T scorps, Chocolate habs, jolokias, 7-pods, nagas and red savinas and a few more that I can’t recall right now.
Hot, but what a flavour!

And if heat’s not your thing, check out Pimenta Luna Habaneros. All the flavour of habs, none of the burn.

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I’d ask to get together for a barbeque if we were on the same continent.

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We’ll have to make do with virtual. On the bright side, it’s less calories on the waistline,no flies and the beer never gets warm. :beers:


I love the flavor if the peppers you posted, and even the super hot ones taste raducally different :). I personally have got to the point habaneros and Thai chili’s work for me. I do live me some chipotle cholula though.

(Thinking about next years peppers :D)


I usually just use cayenne pepper for that. It takes more, so it’s harder to use too much. :slight_smile: