Sriracha Ketchup from Heinz will soon be a thing

As it turns out, the head of the company is not terribly alarmed:

Seems to me this guy is running his business exactly the way boingboingers want a business run. He makes a few very good products, sells at a reasonable price, and is content to let the quality of his product be the central core of his business. He’s not working to limit competition (even what some might reasonably call unfair competition). He has passed up the opportunity for GINORMOUS piles of cash for merely huge piles of cash and a sense of pride.


I’m glad you’re excited, but it will probably be totally gross.

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Most ketchup companies sell curry ketchup for the German market, where currywurst is a thing. But so far as I know, they don’t offer it anywhere else.

Huy Fong mixed with ketchup isn’t bad. There are the odd times I could go for “something like sriracha, but a little sweeter”. But I’d rather mix it with home made ketchup, Heinz is gross and syrupy.

I bought a limited run Heinz did with a jalapeno ketchup. It’s good but could be spicier. I hope this new one is good though as others have mentioned, ketchup is not particularly great since its too sugary… make your own sauce. In a pinch I like mixing heavy pepper and a few other spices to regular ketchup to mask the sweetness

Too sweet and not hot enough. This concludes my prescient review.


Waddya mean, “will soon be”? I just bought a bottle of this at my local grocery about an hour ago.

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Flying Goose is awesome.

I like Shark. And there’s one with a baby on it I can never remember the name of.

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Healthy Boy?

I hate ketchup combined with sriracha. Combining a pleasant hot/sour/garlicy with so much sugar kills the little bit of palm sugar mixed in. I would rather see sriracha mayo or sriracha mustard.

Yes thank you!

Ketchup…in the fridge!!! No, sir. No. A thousand times no. Cold condiments on hot food? Blasphemy.

Edited to add:

Ketchup on a grilled cheese? That is already suspect… and
Cocktail sauce is just Ketchup with horseradish and lemon

Nah, thank you, but no thank you.
I´d rather enjoy the real deal.
You see, one of the best parts of getting fried rice with shrimps from my local asian take out is “putting napalm on the jungle” with a bottle of sriacha. I just can not picture that ritual with ketchup, its just wrong.

I think it’s more complicated than that; the Huy Fong sauce is just different from the original Thai version, and I think from the point of view of broad market penetration, it’s really best considered as something mostly unique, until imitators attempting to mimic it (and not the Thai version) came along.

I’m not quite sure what you find “weirdly ketchupy” — possibly that it has a lot of sugar. You might like their Sambal Oelek, which doesn’t. Or you might not; it’s really a matter of taste.

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Muir Glen Organic Ketchup is corn syrup free.

Sriracha Ketchup from Heinz will soon be a thing. God exists. My prayers have been answered.

Isn’t that kind of like saying McDonalds has answered my prayer for a hamburger? I mean, technically yea, it’s a hamburger…


Stir some Sriracha into your mayo. I do it all the time. It’s great with everything from oven fries to tuna sandwiches.

Growing up in the USA I always HATED ketchup, tasted of paste and sugar and not much else. The first time I visited Ireland and had ketchup that tasted of vinegar and tomatoes and salt and not a bit sweet I found a love for ketchup that I would have sworn couldn’t have existed. I don’t recall the brand alas and second the request for high quality ketchup suggestions?

Like many previous commenters, I typically use straight sriracha anywhere one would use ketchup and don’t get the point of this product? What can this do that straight sriracha cannot? I’m confounded…


It’s not really “the original,” it’s just the first and most popular one marketed in the US. Huy Fong couldn’t have trademarked “Sriracha” anyway; as noted above, it’s a place name associated with the type of sauce. (You can trademark place names, but not if the place is associated with the product. So “Arctic Bananas” would be okay but “Amazon Bananas” would not.)