How to make those fancy geometric pies by lokokitchen

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Some years ago I learned to make a lattice-top apple pie. Nothing amazing like these, but it still looks impossible and makes people say, “how did you do that?” There’s a trick, of course.


Note that most of the images are of raw pie. Pie crust, to be flaky, expands and shifts during baking, so, most of these would not look as good when baked. (as many a disappointed Pinterest user knows) Also, leaving the skins on apples, plums, peaches, etc. gives cooked filling a terrible texture.


The first pie looks exactly like the process of re-lacing a bicycle wheel. Something I have sworn never again to do.

Trying to make pies and tarts pretty have resulted in some spectacular fails in my kitchen. The pie always tastes good, it just looks…“rustic”.

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