This rolling pin makes perfect pie crusts

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FWIW: we also got this rolling pin and I guess we got a bad one, because the pores in the wood were INCREDIBLY open and textured, which made it very tacky and difficult to use with pie dough - you want a pretty smooth rolling pin to discourage sticking. I suspect that with the good reviews I’ve seen around that this might be an anomaly, but caveat emptor or however it’s spelled.


Headline should read: “THIS ROLLING PIN TAKES ALL THE FUN OUT OF MAKING PIE CRUSTS”. :rofl: :rofl: Pretty easy to roll out a fairly uniform pie crust. Also you should never roll out a pizza crust.

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I have a marble pin, which is pretty smooth and had minimal sticking issues.

Though it has a wooden dowel handle which now makes me want to whip up some rings to add to the handle …


I got one of these as a Christmas gift and was actually really excited about it. I used it all of 2-3 times before I set it aside and then, years later, gave it away. I don’t remember sticking issues necessarily, but as @kperkins said, it’s not that hard to roll out a uniform crust. Having to decide in advance how thick to make the crust, attach the right set of wheels, and have another thing to disassemble when I could simply do it exactly the way I wanted with a no-assembly-required rolling pin seemed pointless. Plus, having the wheels on either end of the pin meant that I was sometimes cutting bits off of my dough as I rolled it – it is not a short rolling pin, it is not terribly long, either. I know that’s more a volume and technique problem than a rolling pin problem, but it happens.


So does the bakery!


… can also be used as a knife sharpener?

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