Bake a lot? I love my aluminum pizza peel


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I made my own from an old roasting pan with a hammer and tin snips.


@jlw, did you steal my peel? >:)


I’ve got the same peel, and I can affirm its appeal.


They are great. Wood peels look awesome, but get stickier, warp, thicker,and are just a pain. They stay on the wall. This peel… If there is ever a zombie uprising, sharpen one edge and you could go to town.


We have a wooden one that’s lasted a while. the only time we replaced it was when we found the stubby-handle one, which works a lot better in our little brooklyn 1 bd. We only ever rinse it and never cut on it, but then again everything we bake goes on parchment, so we just slip everything from work surface to oven to cutting board with sheet in between.


Hmmm. HMMMM. I’m loathe to buy kitchen gadgets on a whim, but this might be repeatedly-useful enough to buy without too much guilt.


We make pizza 2-3x a week and sourdough is usually rising.


Do you use a rocker knife, or one of the little wheely slicers?


OXO wheel.


Hmph. Rocker knife FTW, baby. Speed, power, precision.

Here’s one like the one I was trained on at Pizza Hut in 1988. Won’t ever go back.


Just like in the old country.


That reminds me, I need to get another sourdough starter goin’. BTW, if you are ever in a pinch (like you have only two days to make sourdough and don’t have a starter) a splash of live kombucha can kick start things.


Cuts a mean slice just as well as it cuts a crappy slice. :wink:


So will just putting bread yeast into a starter :slight_smile:


Key difference, bread yeast has no acetobacterium. Giveit a try some time, all it wastes is a $1 of flour.


I’d love to be able to “afford,” calorie wise, to chow down on pizza even twice a week. But I would like to get a stone and learn how to make my own crusts.

The pre-made ones are just OK:


If you have a bread machine, it’s…easier than it would be otherwise.


I’ve got one as well, and I bet the recipe book that came with it has a pizza dough recipe!


Ever want a quick class, hit me up. If you approach it in a similar manner to a crock pot it is super easy, I.e. maybe ten minutes or less of actual work. But a number of hours of waiting.