Sourdough pizza recipes and technique

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Cast iron and pizza. If you don’t have a pizza oven or a stone, this is THE WAY.

You have spoken…


I made a pizza using homemade socca flatbread in my enamel cast iron the other day. It was really good. I think I’m gonna try frying the flatbread a bit before baking it, just to crisp up the bottom a bit. The edges were nice and crispy though. I also flavoured the socca batter with lotsa garlic powder and Italian spices.


Send me a cyber slice!

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If I coulda shared it with you for real, I woulda.

:pizza: <— for you.

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Delish! They that share the pizza will inherit the Earth.

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I am sad thinking of all the wasted years up to now where I didnt think of this and had suboptimal home pizza. And I regularly bake bread in my Dutch oven :man_facepalming:.

Tasty weekend project here I come!

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I’m normally a flat pizza person, but made this one recently as a switch and it came out well. Not the super soupy sort of pan pizza, it’s more about bread and cheese.

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I was in Japan for 4-5 years and good ovens like we have in the west are not widely used. I did skillet pizza and always got a nice crisp crust.

I’ve been doing cast iron Neapolitan pizza RE Serious eats for some time now.
For my first ever sourdough bake recently I used the SE recipe with some tweaking per to make (four of) these:

Not quite as much spring as my usual commercial yeast version, but still quite good!

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