Venn pie-agram




Can you buy Venn Diagram pie tins?

Because they’d have other uses. Like Apple/Cherry pies.


This might be my favorite thing on the internet today.


Agreed! I would buy such a thing.

But even if it’s just two disposable pie tins cut and crimped together, it’s full of win.


Way to bury the lede: the discovery that pies can reproduce by mitosis is huge.


World hunger solved!

Let them eat pie!


Believe me, the engineer in me was thinking of how to modify existing pans the moment I saw the picture!

You could line the bottoms with a sheet of parchment paper so there’s no sharp joint.


Hell yeah! Cuz pie via meiosis is just Ewww

(also --super awkward)


And it’s Instructables to the rescue!

Found full instructions for Venn pie o’gram - including combining the two tins - at the link. Enjoy!


Am I the only person who is not represented anywhere in that Venn diagram? Not a fan of cooked apples, so apple pie of any stripe (heh) does not thrill me.

Stefanjones’ version would work great for me, though. I’ve even got the cherries to fulfill my half of the bargain.


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