Venn menu




That is a most excellent menu. I feel a little sorry for the mushrooms off to the side. Poor mushrooms.


Bacon and Sausage have the smallest area, yet offer the best value. Interesting.


Venn menu inna venue?


I would not be able to resist the temptation to chalk a circle encompassing the whole diagram and label it “Spam”.


EVERYTHING has spam. It is assumed.


Where’s the pie chart for desserts?


So mushrooms are mutually exclusive with the other options?
If only they had a holographic blackboard!


Obviously the next step:


No fried slice? Where’s the fried slice?!


I was told there would be no math.


That’s not math, it’s breakfast.

And what looks like some history over there is brunch.


I do not think this is a Venn diagram. This particular diagram’s semantics are more like Euler’s circles. I may be being pedantic…


science thinking + breakfast food = super awesome (ima sucker for eggs + brkfst meats) (especially in the morning) (especially @ someone else’s place or near a brkfst joint (((portlandia sucks but…))) ) (or just @ home w/ eggs and watever) (joint: for instance: <6 blocks from work & DAMN GOOD for $4)


What about spam, egg, spam, spam, bacon and spam?


How come the price of eggs jumps 50 cents as soon as it’s associated with bacon or sausage, but not mushroom? Something magic about the mushroom?


nothing magic, but they sure are a fungi


Wow wow wow…you mean the wee coffee place in the park, next to the Waitrose? They do food now?


Out of interest, and is something I’ve wondered for a while, have you used $ because your keyboard lacks a £ symbol? Does it also lack a € symbol?


morcheeba, I was glad to see your graphic so I wouldn’t have to think about making one like it… but now that you’ve done it, I see the elegance and obvious appeal of leaving mushroom out of the mainstream considerations