How to make your own fidget spinner from paper


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The ninja star is one of 3 origami models I know by heart… I think. It’s been awhile…

In the 80s these things were all the rage and you could build them from an 8.5 x 11, vs a square.

No one would teach me how to make one, so I paid a kid $1 and reversed engineered it.


It may not be “strictly origami” because it’s made from multiple sheets of paper, but modular origami is a whole other field. There’s stuff made of hundreds of sheets of paper and no glue or scissors. It’s mostly 3D geometric figures.


See, it starts off with the finest spinners hand+crafted from pure stainless steel, but soon we’re all settling for paper spinners. Soon they’ll be made of nothing at all, mere virtual spinners with a few twinkling pixels to show where they would be. The same thing happened with money.


Bah, forget spinners. I went out and got me some spin tops! (still need tons more practice before I can hang out with these guys, though… )


My son made his own paper spinner by gluing together 5-10 sheets of paper, cutting them in the shape of a spinner, and sticking a bearing in the middle. It works really well.


Pretty soon, nearly every house in America (with a grade-school-aged kid) will have a few fidget spinners just sitting in a drawer. My nephew has 4. I don’t think he plays with them all.

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