How to mix oil and water without adding another ingredient


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Prediction: Soon we will see hucksters selling degassed water as a safe, natural alternative to soap. Rinse your hands with degassed water and dry them off immediately! It’s better for the environment!


This means you can use degassed water alone to remove grease from clothes.

So all you need is access to a washing machine + giant vacuum chamber. Or some kind of commercial or industrial washing machine that can pull a vacuum. Got it.


But then what happens when you dilute the soap 10:1 in the degassed water? And then dilute it again and again? Soon you’ve got SuperSoap, a universal solvent, which will burn its way to the center of the Earth and release beings entombed there that will make Cthulhu cower and whine.


This means you can use degassed water alone to remove grease from clothes.

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(Complete sentence added so it’ll post, sigh.)


It’s a good thing homeopathy is fake so your dire predictions can never come to pass.


The original research that inspired this was conducted by Ric Pashley, then at the Australian National University in Canberra. His results were reported in The Journal of Physical Chemistry B , vol 107, p 1714.


i’d totally love some sort of fancy vacuum chamber washer and dryer! it could be so much more efficient and environmental if engineered properly.


also, he shook both with the big air bubble in the top of the test tube with 3 drops of oil, then decided to add 5 more drops because it wasn’t nearly enough, still wasn’t nearly enough, but that water was no longer degassed after shaking like that. i would have scrapped and reshot that scene properly.


Make mayo.

Usually it gets other ingredients, but if you are some kind of a pervert they can be excluded.


i prefer dry water, you don’t even have to get wet. it can be hard to get, i have to make my own by melting dry ice. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The great thing about homeopathy is if anyone ever ODs there a quick easy fix, give them a bunch more!


So is this where oil babies come from?



Nice. I was about to post that very same cite. I wasn’t aware of this phenomenon but it’s what I found after Googling, and it might have some implications I can use. I do have access to equipment that can pull a decent vacuum and I’m going to have to try this.




Cool beans, but man is that guy’s way of communicating annoying. I’m really shocked he’s so popular.


Do you guys not realize that the video totally fails to prove the claims being made ?
The oil does separate in his experiment, just slower than usual.
And " you can use degassed water alone to remove grease from clothes.", that’s wishful thinking.


I always add gas to my bath water. The bubbles make a lovely sound.


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