How to negotiate with terrorists


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A very good article. The really depressing part of the article is the comments (isn’t it always the way?).

I don’t think most of the people commenting actually read or thought about the article in any meaningful way.

My major point of disagreement with the author is that he assumes the powers currently lining up to drop bombs on ISIS are only interested in resolving the problem. I think it is pretty obvious by now that air strikes and vast military power DO NOT solve political problems, in fact they tend to create more. Which, presto-chango, increases the need for more bombs and military might. Which incidentally turns out to be quite profitable for a number of highly connected and well vested interests.


Amen, brother.

Some of the most salient points he makes is that looking at history, every successful end to a long terrorist-related conflict involves talking with them at some point, that talks often end up weakening them not strengthening them, and that military/police action has successfully wiped out a terrorist organization only once (mainly because that terrorist organization stopped acting like guerrillas and tried to be a real army, losing in one decisive battle.)

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