How to play movies on a vintage Atari 2600

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Weirdly cool although methinks we were all clearly being way overcharged for what passed for graphics back in the day. 0_o


Yeah, kinda.

In today’s dollars, you could get an XBox, a PS5 and a PSVR2 and a few games.

i’m here to say that it’s what we had, it was mind-blowing, and we were happy.


I remember it sure looked awesome in the stores and I couldn’t make it happen for me. I eventually was able to get myself a Colecovision (I was well on the way to carpal tunnel syndrome with Zaxxon) and, later, got an Atari Adapter for it. And then went and got Atari Video Olympics. If Adventure (which I also picked up) looked rather basic, Video Olympics was a minor improvement on Pong (although advertised as 50 minor improvements on Pong) and… that was about it. 0_o

Warlords, also pretty basic-looking (4-player Breakout), was awesome though. :smiley:


After watching this video, I can’t begrudge the programmers anything; they had 39 bits of memory to play with.


oh yeah, Warlords was awesome! i have a super-soft spot in my heart for Adventure, though, and Activision games like Pitfall, Cosmic Ark, and others.


I never did pick up any of the Activision games but they were regularly pushing the envelope, adding more memory to cartridges and bank-switching them to get 8K available and push better graphics.

Yeah, Adventure was the big game at the end of Ready Player One. :smiley:

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yeah, Activision games were always head and shoulders above the competition, graphics- and sound-wise.

I haven’t seen Ready Player One… maybe i need to…

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I liked it. It was a bit long and kind of like Willy Wonka and the Matrix. Enjoyable if not a must-see.

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