How to play Tetris on most Canon calculators


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I call bull-honky on this one. That calculator seemingly has a segmented display, then suddenly becomes bit-mapped?

Looks fake to me.


Snopes destroys it:

You can also play Defender. 


That’s a bit of a let down. :frowning:

To cheer myself up I watched my favourite CollegeHumor clip:


The mind is a wonderful thing.


Also the video description says “This video is for fun. Just practicing my editing skills.” Reading comprehension is hard, you guys.


Probably can’t even make it spell out “BOOBIES” either.


something doesn’t add up…


Ain’t gonna happen on calculators like the one shown.

On the other hand, if you are willing to spend a few bucks more for a calculator:


It’s probably chearper to use mass-produced bit-mapped LCD displays, and just adjust the software to make it look sgemented.



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