How to play Tetris on most Canon calculators

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I call bull-honky on this one. That calculator seemingly has a segmented display, then suddenly becomes bit-mapped?

Looks fake to me.


Snopes destroys it:

You can also play Defender. 
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That’s a bit of a let down. :frowning:

To cheer myself up I watched my favourite CollegeHumor clip:


The mind is a wonderful thing.

Also the video description says “This video is for fun. Just practicing my editing skills.” Reading comprehension is hard, you guys.

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Probably can’t even make it spell out “BOOBIES” either.

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something doesn’t add up…

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Ain’t gonna happen on calculators like the one shown.

On the other hand, if you are willing to spend a few bucks more for a calculator:

It’s probably chearper to use mass-produced bit-mapped LCD displays, and just adjust the software to make it look sgemented.


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