How to play the saxophone, for people who already know


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Also Colin Stetson! Either with Sarah Neufeld or not.







He does an amazing gig! Go see him live if you get a chance.




JK, but seriously, glad saxaphones are on their way back. Sure, in the wrong hands, so evil, but most enchanted cosmic weapons are.


Careful what you wish for.
Too much sax and violins can really mess you up.

#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")



Generally not a fan of the saxophone. Takes something along the lines of James Chance or Too Many Zooz to make me appreciate it. Definitely, do not play blues around me. This, I like! Imagining a double bill with Dawn of Midi


I want to. What he is doing is just incredible.




I played B-flat clarinet (and bass clarinet) and tenor sax for a few years. Sometimes I’d hum or sing while playing and your voice distorts that instruments sound, played expertly and dramatically in this clip – I wonder if there’s a term for that?

Didgeridoo players do the same thing, although technically a didge is played more like a brass instrument than a woodwind.


Reminds me a bit of Ewan Dobson.


How to play the saxophone, for people who already know

While I didn’t not like Rushing Past Willow, I’m feeling like the moldy fig around here.

As an (occasional) alto saxophonist, I’d aspire to being able to play even remotely like this:

(That said, I am a big Ornette fan; his birthday’s Tuesday IIRC The Shape of Jazz to Come was recorded 59 years ago on Tuesday)


Thanks now that is gonna be stuck in my head for the rest of the evening.


No, no, no - you’ve got it all backwards. The instrument distorts the humming.

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