Saxophone played into an empty pipeline

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Wow, the guitar was unexpectedly haunting.


A missed opportunity for Baker Street Tube Station.


That was really fun, really enjoyed listening to him jam out




I can’t remember the last time I laughed in delight like this. Thanks, I needed that!


This is awesome. Just with the hand claps weren’t so right next to my ear. Especially when the sax player takes it down low in volume, the hand clapper just stays top volume. I’d hire a different hand clapper if I were Armin.


The guitar keeps getting better and better. At first it’s kind of dependent on the gimmick but he really does some inventive stuff.


The sax was amazing. But that guitar. Oh, man, total “Paris, Texas”/lone-assassin-walking-through-the-desert vibe. Thanks for the birthday present (though “Rainbow” made my girlfriend cry).


The perfect sax solo would have been Maneater

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Ah, you can’t beat analogue.

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Thanks for posting this Rob!


I’ve seen some of his sculptures, didn’t know about the music.
Interesting guy:

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I thought someone ought to try this in the Inchindown oil storage tank - the place that is supposed to have the world’s longest echo. Of course, someone has done it…

There are six of these tanks, built during WWII to store fuel oil for the Navy.

That’s so awesome. Jammin with one’s self.

Thanks for sharing.

I was half way through listening to this and wandering if someone had recorded an Impulse Response in these tanks, watched further and that’s is exactly how this was recorded. Not sure what type of noise was used and how accurate the technique is but would loved to hear the actual performance in the actual space, either live or from the an echoic chamber recording, to hear the difference.

Thanks again.

This was awesome, thank you for posting it. We just listened transfixed.

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