How to pronounce "Iguana" in English correctly


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This makes me amused at the thought of people getting the pronunciation wrong. A clear example of:


BBQ Iguana!


The iguana one was not funny, but the shenanigans video did get a laugh out of me :smiley:


Brings whole new meaning to the old phrase: “The iguana in the room.”


Brilliant I will never correct a non-native English speaker again!

At first reading the title I thought what about the more common similar words like Jaguar and Oregano, which Americans pronounce very differently to English people.


Not exactly the wall Trump has in mind!


The iguana one was funny if you didn’t know what to expect, which I didn’t. It made me laugh. The shenanigans one was just pitiful (although it made me laugh too).


As I was pressing play, I was thinking "if this s a joke vid (Beschizza post, so 70/30 split…) I bet they just say ‘Lizard’ " and ended up a little disappointed that they went even further into left field…


I didn’t know what to expect either but the bait-and-switch wasn’t terribly amusing. The shenanigans one i did find funny because of the lazy pronunciation *:*P


I didn’t even pay attention to the poster, but once I watched… I knew it had to be @beschizza

This is actually called a garrobo by the locals, and they are not as plentiful as they once were. During lean times, they are invited to become the BBQ.


How could you laugh at something @Grey_Devil has declared to be not funny? I think this makes you a bad person.


Damn right :smiley:


Are you saying their laughter is invalid? Are you joke-policing now?:smirk_cat:


O God the meta - It burns!


a met(h)ane fire?


This reminded me of the joke whiskey pronunciations, but I can only find the real ones. Anyone know what I’m talking about?


Well, Rob’s finally lost it.