'This Is Nigeria' is that country's viral version of the Childish Gambino hit

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I do hope this carries on to other countries encapsulating their cultural woes into this music video format, but it could get tricky.

Nigeria has it pretty easy, Nigeria and America both having four syllables and ending in the A sound.

Countries like Spain, Laos, or Al Jumahiriyah al Arabiyah al Libiyah ash Shabiyah al Ishtirakiyah al Uzma are going to have a harder time fitting into the rhyme scheme.


This is España? This is Hispania?

Anyway, good on Falz and I hope it doesn’t get him killed or exiled.


What an unusual definition of “easy.” But the video is really well done!


Ejem… Someone asked for Spain?


Did you use the obsolete Gaddafi-era name just to make a joke about how long it is?

If you need more bomb ass Nigerian rebel music, look no further than Fela Kuti.


Gosh. That didn’t take long. Well spotted.

The class of problems in the video is remarkably petty in comparison, though. It’s a satire rather than a serious work.

These guys (Lomogoldo aka David Sainz, and Cañaelomo aka Pablo Nicasso) are a couple of clowns. They have a bunch of funny songs. Their video about going to the gym to get a ‘summer body’ (Cuerpo 10) is hilarious.

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now waiting for some tone deaf state tourism board to do a parody that just shows all their tourist attractions in the background…


You got me, I googled long county names, and that was the longest one that I found.


This is Nebraska! Omaha! Chimney Rock! Carhenge!


I hate to say it, I got the same impression. The music is sweet, but the video lacked the brutal shock of the original. Maybe he can only get away with so much?

@HMSGoose: …in a ghetto state like South Dakota.

Parody or Homage?


I think it is that these guys are fundamentally comedians. They are both in a series called Mambo, produced by the network Playz and released online. David Sainz stars. It’s hilarious, kind of like a Spanish Flight of the Conchords.


A little of both, really. Legally speaking, in US parlance it’s a fair use transformative work that comments on the original. The only objection to using the term parody is that it suggests a humorous intent that may not be there. As far as homage, that does not meet the legal standard this work meets. If I started a Childish Gambino tribute band and played this hit verbatim, I’d be on the hook for paying the publishing royalty, and they wouldn’t accept the excuse that it’s an homage to how much I like his work.


State tourism? Hell, how ‘bout corporate marketing? They’ve never found a social trend they couldn’t co-op.

“This is the NFL…”


I would be very interested to know why Nigeria, specifically, became such a hub of internet scams.

I used to exclusively do album covers for a living, and worked with artists all over the world, including many African nations. Over hundreds of albums and clients, only two ever tried to steal my money repeatedly, and they were both Nigerian. And both of them prefaced their attempted scam by insisting that unlike the rest of Nigerians, they weren’t internet scammers.


Hardly ghetto here in South Dakota. X\

Like “This is Norway… some times it’s cold outside… and we got putrid fish for a dish… but other than that, things are pretty great!”


I read a very good book (McMafia) a few years ago that suggested Nigerian criminals have a strong cultural aversion to violence (relatively speaking), and so ended up exploring other ways of parting the relatively wealthy from their money.

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